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"Life of a Recruiter" (2023)

Director Ellen Su brought me on to help storyboard a series of scripted-shorts poking fun at the life of a recruiter, done for Titmouse’s 2023

5 Second Day. The goal was to emulate the early '90s anime tropes, style, and economic animation methodology. 

[Below] Animatic/Final Product Comparison

Here is another sequence of boards I made for a short

that we ran out of time to animate:

Someone in the Crowd (2021)

In Chrissy Fellmeth's Storyboarding course, our midterm was to "create a music video." I decided to use the song "Someone in the Crowd" from La La Land (2016) and give it a bit of a regency spin. 

A young girl attending her first ball of the social season meets an unexpected stranger. 

[Right] Animatic

[Below] Boards

Partner in Canine (2020)

I had the opportunity to study amongst a talented group of artist in Mia Calderone's WIA Mentorship Circle in the Fall of 2020, during which I had the opportunity to create this storyboard.

In the era of prohibition on animal by-product, a dog-tired beagle detective, with a history of bone abuse, bites off more than he can chew when a simple case of grave robberies turns into a spiralling goose chase of an elusive ring pedaling grave bones.

[Below] Boards


Backwoods (2019)

Backwoods is a class collaborative film directed by Taylor Holloway and produced by Danielle Bordelon about a Park Ranger taking his rambunctious nephew and his friends to the woods. 

I worked as a Storyboard Artist and as an Animator.

[Right] The Completed Film

[Below] Storyboard Sample. I had the opportunity to completely board the chase scene myself. It showcases the scene where the Ranger and kids cross the threshold from the idyllic campgrounds into the unknown.  

Spongebob Assignment

Homework exercise from Chrissy Fellman's Storyboard Class using an audio clip from Spongebob.

[Right] Animatic

[Below] Boards

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